2024 CSA Letter from Monsignor

April 12, 2024
Dear Friends:

It’s that time of the year when pastors are to communicate the importance of the diocesan Catholic Sharing Appeal (CSA) to parishioners and propose how we plan to utilize the funds generated in the 2024 program. As years of experience have demonstrated for us at St. Francis de Sales Parish, the annual CSA has benefitted us tremendously! The unique arrangement of our diocesan appeal allows for parishes to excel in diocesan tax- free funds by contributing over and above half the goal calculated for each parish. If I may be so bold as to mention it, we epitomize the advantages of the program! We have used substantial funds raised through the CSA to pay off parish indebtedness, improve campus landscaping, build the extension of our beautiful canopy atthe entrance on the side parking lot, enhance outdoor lighting, and expand and update the security system throughout our campus. Your commitment to our parish has paid for all these planned undertakings by means of the CSA donations!

This year’s major project to be funded by dollars raised in the CSA here at Guthrie Lane is the replacement of all windows in the upper level of the Church proper. Without a doubt, you have witnessed the leakage we have experienced, from time to time, due to 20 years of wear and tear on the original framing and installation of the windows. Some of the upper windows are cracked as well. Side note: You may recall we had to replace the bam windows a couple years ago and last year we replaced six broken windows throughout the building. Currently, Richard Bell is in communication with the Buildings and Properties Office of the diocese and is procuring estimates for the task at hand. Unfortunately, the requested estimates have not yet been calculated at the time of the writing of this letter. I will, however, plan to give more specific details in the video I make just before the kickoff of this year’s campaign in mid-April. Another project I would like to propose for funds raised by this year’s CSA is better lighting in the daily Mass chapel that is cost efficient and environment friendly with LED lighting. Over the past few years, we have replaced al general lighting with LED models throughout the building, with the exception of the main Church, daily Mass chapel and living room area, which are still halogen types. My understanding is the process to retrofit these particular lights is rather costly and labor intensive. Richard and I want to first address the daily Mass chapel as it is a task on a smaller scale of labor and cost for us and then determine what can and should be done in the future for the main Church. Those of you who attend daily Mass may begin to see some improvements.

Again, our parish endorses the annual diocesan appeal because ti benefits al of us in West Virgina, but the real winners are our own parishioners because we have surpassed our goal for the last nine years and have used the money returned to us from the diocese for worthy projects we can see and appreciate. Iwould like to remind our parishioners most dioceses are not as blessed as we are in designing their annual appeals to chiefly help the parishes themselves. We are the envy of many of our sister dioceses! I recognize the good fortune that is ours and am the first to donate to the annual CSA as Iknow St. Francis de Sales will be the number-one beneficiary of the diocesan project. Many of you are far more educated in finances than Iam, but the current program in usage in the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston is a no-brainer for us here at Guthrie Lane.

Heartfelt thanks for your time and attention in reading this letter. Stay tuned for more details coming by way of the video I plan to release in mid- April. Please don’thesitate to let me know if Ican be of assistance to you in determining the tremendous good of your pledge or onetime donation ot the annual appeal. Iremain grateful for your generosity and wisdom ni securing the future of St. Francis de Sales Parish for years ot come. May the Lord bless your expression of generosity and reward you a hundredfold!

Yours in Christ,

Monsignor Anthony Cincinnati, STD
Pastor of St. Francis de Sales, Morgantown